About me

A few words about my photographic interests
I live in the Towy Valley in West Wales where I gain great inspiration for my life long hobby of photography.

Over 60 years of picture taking I have moved from Box Brownie through twin lens reflex cameras and on to 35mm film cameras.
In the darkroom Ispent time with black and white, developed both black and white, then colour transparancies using both E4 and E6 chemicals. I also printed colour transparancies using the Cibachrome process

Now all my work is captured digitally. My main camera is a Panasonic Lumix G90 but I also use a Lumix TZ70 compact which is easy to carry when walking. For Infra Red shots I use a cheap converted Panasonic TZ7 bought on Ebay.

I am a competitive photographer and an active exhibitor in International Salons where I have accumulated more than ten thousand acceptances in 97 different countries. To date I have received over 600 awards including Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and commendations from Salons in 65 countries world-wide. This success has been acknowledged by both FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art) and the Photographic Society of America with awards of EFIAP/p and GMPSA/b respectively. I am also an Associate of the Welsh Photographic Federation. In 2016 I achieved the Crown 4 award from the Global Photographic Union (GPU). I have also been honoured by the German Mega Circuit with the title Fgmc, reflecting 10 years of successful entry to their prestigious Circuit. In 2020 I gained BPE1 from the British Photo Exhibitions and G.APU recognition. 2022 has brought me a further distinction awards G.APS , L.APS/b from the Agile Photographic Society Bangladesh and E.SSP from the Serendipity Society of Photographer, Sri Lanka. In 2023 I have achieved the top crown award from The Global Photographic Union.

As well as having my work judged on a regular basis I also judge the work of others and regularly judge for Photographic societies throughout South Wales and have joined selection panels of International Salons in England, Wales, India and Ireland.

The images I make are principally for myself and I regard it as a bonus if they are appreciated by others. Not being a specialist in any one area my work includes colour and increasingly mono though I have a distinct leaning towards 'Altered reality'.

I have held exhibitions locally in Newton House, Llandeilo, in Llandovery and had work included in exhibitions shown by members of Towy Valley Camera Club of which I am a member.

17 March 2024